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App-etite for Engagement: The Social Media and App Overview of 2023

Woman holding mobile phone with a social media app

In a world that's practically run by apps, the latest insights from's "State of Mobile" report are dropping like hot digital cakes. Brace yourselves because it’s not just about the hours spent but also about the dollars/pounds sprinkled across the digital kingdom.

1. The App Marathon: The average time spent on mobile devices has stretched to 5 hours per person per day in 2023. That's right, five golden hours of scrolling, swiping, and emoji-tapping - a 6% boost from the previous year.

2. Social Media - The Quiet Roar: Social media, the heartbeat of our digital existence, witnessed an uptick in usage. Even though user-generated posts are doing a disappearing act, our love affair with social media is still blooming, albeit in the background. Direct Messages are the new love letters.

3. Money Talks, App Wallets Walk: Consumer spending in apps has soared, breaking through the $60 billion ceiling in 2023. If you thought people don’t spend money on apps, think again. Entertainment and social media categories led the charge, with TikTok being the knight in shining armour (or should we say dancing shoes?).

4. TikTok Triumph: TikTok doesn’t just dance; it dances to the bank. It became the first non-gaming app to achieve the astonishing $10 billion in all-time consumer spending. It's not just a social media app; it's a financial powerhouse, with in-app purchases and live stream tips doing the cha-cha to financial victory.

5. Generative AI's Rise: Bing, yes, you heard it right, Bing saw a staggering 1,500% increase in downloads. Why? Enter ChatGPT elements. Generative AI is the rising star, indicating a paradigm shift in how users discover and interact with content.

6. The Enigma of X: Elon Musk might tell tales of X's grandeur, but the report sings a different tune. X saw a decline in usage in 2023, questioning the narrative of perpetual growth. Metrics might have changed, but the story remains mysterious.

In a nutshell, as we journey through the app-centric future, the message is clear - we're not just users; we're participants, contributors, and spenders in this digital circus. The trends of 2023 have spoken, and the app-etite for engagement shows no sign of slowing down.

Buckle up, emoji enthusiasts, the app adventure continues!


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