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How To Use LinkedIn As A Business

Tips On How To Use LinkedIn As A Business

LinkedIn is a social media platform which focusses on business and jobs. It's like Facebook, but without the funny animal videos and Game Of Thrones spoilers. Although I believe we're never safe from those... Many businesses, freelancers, job seekers and recruiters connect on the platform leading to lasting partnerships. I have personally gained clients and projects from using LinkedIn so I can tell you - it works. But how to you use LinkedIn as a business if you're used to more informal ways of reaching your audience?

I'm sharing my tips on how to use LinkedIn as a business and make it work for YOU:

1. Set Up Your Profile

First of all, make sure your profile is set up and up to date. Having a half completed profile makes it look like you're not present or engaged on the platform. Pay attention to relevant jobs on your profile (like an online CV), upload your photo and your cover photo (make sure these are professional headshots or as close as you can get. I have seen portraits of CEO's with a pint in their hand and let me tell you - it just sends the wrong message on LinkedIn. Keep that to Facebook!). Connect with people you know or would like to know, and ask for recommendations which will help build trust with potential clients/customers/buyers.

2. Set Up Your Business Profile

Just as important as your profile, make sure your business has a profile page. This is especially important for SME's and corporate companies - you can add employees, set up company details, and add admins who can help you manage the page.

3. Publish Valuable Content To Your Page/Profile

Provide your audience with valuable articles, hints and tips, industry news, and your opinion. LinkedIn is a great platform to use to establish your knowledge and influence by sharing your opinions. If you have written a blog post or article, don't just copy and paste the URL but add a comment and opinion. LinkedIn recommends to post at least once per weekday, but I find that posting a minimum of 3 x per week also works.

4. Add Excitement To Your Content

It's important to stand out from the crowd on any platform, and although LinkedIn is business first it's still a good idea to add photos, graphics, and videos to your posts. Infographics are useful and easily digested, and videos have been proven to get more engagement on social media. Try adding those to your posts to help your content get more attention and engagement!

5. Engage In Groups

Join groups with your interests or industry and get involved in conversations! Just like Facebook groups these are brilliant places to look for potential clients outside of you page connections, connect with fellow bosses who can become your networking support circle, and help drive traffic to you business page.

6. Engage Your Team

If you're an SME or any business with employees, engage them in your LinkedIn content strategy. Ask the members of your company to create up to date profiles, spend a simple 5 minutes per day building them, and then to engage with your company content - share it, like it, and comment on it. This will help spread brand awareness and it creates motivation in the team who are proud ambassadors of their work!

Like any social media channel, LinkedIn can be a strong marketing tool when used correctly and with a strategy. If you need help and want to get trained up on LinkedIn, send me a message and tell me your business story - I am looking forward to helping your brand grow and blossom on social media!


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