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Meta's Overhaul on Ad Targeting Options

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Big changes are afoot in the world of Meta advertising, and if you're a savvy marketer, you'll want to pay close attention. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has just dropped a bombshell - it's revamping its ad targeting options, and the impact on your advertising strategy could be significant.

The Shake-Up:

Starting January 15, 2024, Meta is bidding farewell to some detailed ad targeting options. Why? According to Meta, it's all about sensitivity. The options on the chopping block are those related to topics that "people may perceive as sensitive." In this context, sensitivity revolves around health, race, and ethnicity. Meta aims to create a more ethical ad environment, deterring any misuse of its ad targeting capabilities.

What's Changing:

Unfortunately, Meta hasn't spilled the beans on the exact categories being removed. The veil of secrecy makes it challenging to predict the full scope of these alterations. What's evident, though, is Meta's continuous shift away from granular ad targeting. This shift is partly motivated by ethical concerns, as the platform grapples with past issues of misuse.

The Impact on You:

If you're an advertiser relying heavily on manual, granular ad targeting, this could be a game-changer. The alterations are designed to deter discriminatory targeting practices. While Meta insists it's for the greater good, the truth is, it's also nudging advertisers towards its automated ad targeting tools.

The Meta Approach:

Meta's preferred strategy? Embrace its broad targeting and Advantage+ options. By doing so, you're putting more trust in Meta's systems, allowing them to optimise ad performance by reaching users you might not have targeted manually. It's a strategic move that, in Meta's eyes, ensures fair play and optimal ad delivery.

What You Should Do:

Stay vigilant. If your ad campaigns are impacted, Meta will alert you through Ads Manager. You'll need to update your targeting selections by March 18, 2024, to keep your ads running seamlessly. Meta promises alternative targeting recommendations where possible, so be on the lookout for those notifications.

The Future of Meta Advertising:

As Meta keeps pruning its ad targeting categories, the writing on the wall suggests that reliance on systematic display options might be the way forward. It's an evolving landscape, and for brands, flexibility and adaptability will be the keys to success.

Buckle up for the ride! Meta's changing the rules, and as a smart marketer, your ability to pivot and embrace these changes will determine your advertising success on the platform.


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