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4 Tips To Help You Grow Your Email List

Tips To Grow You Email List

What would you do if tomorrow you woke up to realise that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest were all gone? How would you talk to your audience, customers, or clients without social media marketing? There are a numbers of ways to ensure you don't put all of your marketing eggs in one basket but today I would like to focus on giving you 4 tips to help you grow your email list.

Everyone wants to get our email addresses and grow their email list - from stores you often or randomly shop at, to local businesses, and directories. There's a good reason for it - emails are very valuable because the people who opt in to be on your mailing list are interested in what you have to offer and are listening to you. They're engaged and waiting for the next piece of advice or news your marketing newsletter will give them - and this advice is free! So instead of shouting loudly on social media, you are simply talking and brining value to the audience who already trust and are intrigued by you and your service.

I share my top 4 tips to help you grow your email list from experience!

1. Make Sure You Have A Sign Up Form On Your Website Which Brings Value

You'll more than likely already have a sign up form on your website to allow your visitors to sign up - but most of us consumers already know this is used for email marketing. We're getting savvy! So to encourage more sign ups make sure you are offering your visitors an incentive like a free download, a discount on your product, or an offer on your service. Since I set up my email sign up form to offer a free 30 day Instagram content cheat sheet, I have had a significant amount of sign ups! It's also a good idea to have a pop up sign up form on your website with the same offer - or a graphic on your homepage - as sometimes your visitors won't scroll all the way to the footer to find it.

2. Share Your Sign Up Form On Social Media

Think back to our analogy of social media fallen trees - if a tree falls in the middle of the forest but no one is there to see or hear it, did it ever fall? If you've gone through all the effort of setting up an email list with a valuable freebie for your audience, make sure people know about it! Use social media to help you get more sign ups and grow your email list.

3. Create Your Newsletter Sequence & Add Value With Content

You've gone through a lot of effort already to get people on your email list - now you need to make sure they stay on in and stay engaged. I like to send emails with my latest blog posts, news, offers, events, and if I find that a question keeps popping up I like to answer those questions in my newsletters. It's important to deliver what you promised with your newsletter and bring value to your audience to keep engagement up - give, give, give with content and offers - then take by asking your audience to do an action. It's the same as the conversation you have on social media!

4. Sign Off With A Clear Call To Action

You have been delivering value to your audience - but you also need to take something from it. After all, it is a marketing tool! Be clear with the action you want your audience to take:
- If you're promoting a new blog post, add a button to visit the blog post
- If you have a sale on, make sure there is a link and a clear message for your audience to go and view your sale
- Are you looking for them to answer a survey? Make it clear!
Email marketing is a powerful tool and for many of my clients it has one of the best rates for client conversions - because your audience is already interested in you and wants to listen. I hope these tips to help you grow your email list will propel your email list to new heights! And if you do need any help of advice launching it, I'd love to chat to you - you can get in touch with me here, tell me your story, and let's start growing your business ready for it to blossom and bloom!


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