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3 Digital Marketing Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

These three seemingly simple steps should not be ignored when it comes to your digital marketing strategy - but many brands forget about them when planning their yearly strategy. Start implementing these 3 digital marketing tips to help grow your business - give it a week and monitor your results, I can promise you - they’ll be much better!

Prioritise Video Content

Video has been improving engagement and gaining interest on social media platforms for a couple of years, and in 2019 it’s bigger than ever. From professionally shot ‘hero’ videos which can be placed on your website or aired on TV; to behind the scenes short clips filmed on your phone - you should be putting video at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

Many brands are worried about video content because they think it must be perfect - I promise you, you don’t need to have a huge budget to see a ROI from your video strategy. All you need is time, an idea of what to post, and a camera phone at the least. Instagram and Facebook have both put a strong emphasis on stories this year, which mainly consist of short video snippets showing behind the scenes of what goes on at your favourite brands HQ - as people, we’re curious to know more and quite frankly we love to snoop on social media so it’s no wonder this strategy really works for businesses who connect with their customers on a more personal level. If you’re a small business, this is even easier to do than for a big corporation as people will get to know YOU and buy/support YOU.

Why not try a video story today? Record a short clip of something interesting happening with your brand today, or if you’re feeling brave why not do a face to camera piece and introduce yourself to your viewers or start a conversation by asking them an opinion on a new product?

Keep Growing Your Email List

Keep growing and adding to your email list. There was panic amongst bloggers and brands who heavily rely on Instagram when the platform went down for a few hours - how will they engage with their audience? More importantly, how will YOU engage with your audience if tomorrow Facebook and Instagram goes down and stays down? Social media is a crucial part of your marketing strategy but don’t forget to collect email addresses and keep your digital platform up to date - whether this is a website, shop, or blog.

Use social media to your advantage and collect email addresses, offer your audience a discount or a freebie when they sign up to your list. Even if you haven’t got a solid strategy in place, keep your email list going and make sure to spend time developing a communication plan for your audience.

Engagement Is Still Key

We always talk about new ways to use social media to your advantage - but lets not forget the most important part of your social media is engagement. Why would you want 15K followers if only 20 of those people are engaging with you and may buy from you? Wouldn’t you rather focus on having 500 followers, 480 of which are loyal to you and your brand and are key buyers in your business? Followers are just a number, which may look impressive, but the key is to ensure your audience is engaged and interested in your content.

To drive engagement, give some of it out - comment on posts, like, follow similar and interesting accounts, participate in their polls, send direct messages! All of this will not only drive your social media accounts engagement but also boost your account in general as an active profile, and this has to bee good thing for those elusive algorithms.


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