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How To Reuse Your Content For Social Media Marketing

How To Reuse Your Content For Social Media Marketing

When you're working on your social media marketing strategy, you want to ensure you're bringing value to people on your platforms and helping your business grow. It can be a lengthy process to build up all your marketing materials, write blogs, set up your social media posts... You create kick ass content, spend hours writing it or pay someone to do it for you, and then use it once - then it's kind of gone, right? But you've spent hours writing it. I'm here to tell you there is nothing wrong with reusing content for your social media marketing over and over again, as long as this is done properly.

I apply this rule especially to my blog posts. When I give away free tips and resources, I need to think of ALL the ways I can use the same piece of material and reach the maximum amount of people. Because we don't all live on Instagram or Google!

People prefer to use different digital platforms:

- Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn

- Google their questions

- Read their favourite blogs

- Listen to podcasts

- Watch YouTube videos

- Read paper materials (yes, this actually still happens!)

This means that your one piece of content can go a lot further than you've ever imagined. Let's say you wrote a blog post giving away free tips on how to better a persons life. I always like to start with blog posts as I can write a whole piece of content on this topic! From this one piece of content you can end up with:

  • 1 x blog post for your website

  • Several instagram captions if you dissect your tips and use one per post

  • Several Facebook posts linking back to you post on your website

  • An Instastory or Live session to talk about this topic and give away one or two tips

  • A podcast episode with tips

  • A YouTube video with tips

  • A download to send via your email marketing for your audience to print

It's also advisable to spread out your content - think about your posting schedule on social and try and mix things up with some original behind the scenes content, selling your product or service, and content focussed on you so your audience can get to know you and your brand. 80/20 rule: 80% of you giving back to your audience, and 20% selling your product or service.

To use content wisely and make the most of my blog posts, I created a checklist of all things I need to do after I hit Publish on my blog posts - this includes promotion and social media content. It helps me ensure I really use my content to it's full potential. So make a spreadsheet or a checklist of all the ways you want to promote your content and dissect it to create multiple messages across all of your platforms!

At the end of the day, we all want to be working smarter not harder - right?

If you need help with your social media marketing or want to learn all about managing your brand on digital platforms, contact me today - I love hearing from you and helping you grow and blossom your business!


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