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The Influence of AI on Your Facebook and Instagram Experience

How Meta Uses AI on Facebook and Instagram

Billions of people rely on Facebook and Instagram to connect, promote their business, share experiences, and explore content. These platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and to enhance user experience, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a significant role.

This blog post delves into how AI systems influence what you see on Facebook and Instagram, and the steps Meta (formerly Facebook) is taking to make the process more transparent and customisable.

Empowering Users with Transparency

Meta acknowledges the need for openness and aims to dispel the misconception that algorithms render users powerless over their content consumption. To foster a more honest relationship, Meta is committed to providing clearer insights into the AI systems that rank and recommend content on Facebook and Instagram. With the release of 22 system cards, users can gain understanding about content ranking, predictions, and customisation controls.

Unveiling the Power of AI Predictions

AI predictions lie at the heart of personalisation. These systems anticipate content's value to users, incorporating factors such as sharing behaviour and user feedback from surveys. By employing a diverse range of predictions, Meta endeavors to curate content that resonates with individual preferences. The publication of system cards facilitates a deeper understanding of these mechanisms.

Nurturing Personalised Experiences

Meta acknowledges that every user is unique and embraces the need for personalised experiences. Centralised control centers on Facebook and Instagram empower users to shape their content consumption. By accessing Feed Preferences on Facebook and the Suggested Content Control Center on Instagram, individuals can tailor their content to align with their interests.

Additionally, features like "Interested" and "Not Interested" on Instagram's Reels tab and the "Show more, Show less" option on Facebook enhance customisation options.

Facilitating Research and Innovation

Meta believes that open research and innovation are crucial in fostering transformative AI technologies. With a commitment to transparency, Meta has released over 1,000 AI models, libraries, and data sets for researchers, allowing them to benefit from their computing power. In the coming weeks, Meta plans to introduce the Meta Content Library and API, providing comprehensive access to publicly-available content on Facebook and Instagram for qualified researchers pursuing scientific or public interest research.

AI significantly shapes what users see on Facebook and Instagram, and Meta is dedicated to fostering transparency, control, and customisation. By offering insights into AI systems, empowering users with customisation options, and providing tools for researchers, Meta aims to ensure that users have a more fulfilling and tailored experience on their platforms. As AI continues to evolve, Meta remains committed to openness, collaboration, and responsible development.


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