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Why Long Form Video Is A Key Social Media Trend in 2024

Why Long Form Video Is A Key Social Media Trend in 2024

Since 2019, the dominance of short, snappy content has been the norm. Platforms like TikTok have risen meteorically, yet their Achilles' heel remains creator monetisation. TikTok's struggle to offer top influencers robust income opportunities has sparked a migration of these stars to more established revenue havens like YouTube. Faced with this challenge, TikTok's latest gambit involves steering creators toward a new frontier: long-form content.

Recently, TikTok hosted a gathering of influential creators in New York, urging them to venture into videos lasting at least a minute. This strategic move aims to expand income potential and afford creators greater storytelling opportunities. Unlike YouTube, where creators earn from ad shares via pre and mid-roll ads, TikTok's short clips lack such revenue avenues. By nudging users and content creators toward longer formats, TikTok seeks to bridge this gap and bolster its advertising capabilities.

This transformative shift might seem at odds with TikTok's essence as a bite-sized content platform. However, the data reveals a gradual shift in user behaviour towards consuming longer content. TikTok disclosed that users now spend fifty percent of their time watching videos exceeding a minute. Creators who embrace lengthier content witness a fivefold surge in follower growth compared to those focused solely on short videos.

Could TikTok's destiny be the evolution into a haven for long-form content? Such a transition aligns with its core identity as an "entertainment app," steering away from the conventional social networking space. TikTok's influence has prompted a paradigm shift, emphasising entertainment over traditional social elements.

This trend isn't unique to TikTok alone. Meta, for instance, has recalibrated its algorithm to prioritise Reels over user-generated content, mirroring TikTok's trajectory. The advent of algorithm-driven feeds maximising engagement signals a broader industry shift.

Though TikTok's foray into longer content may take time to mature, it signals a future where more ad options will likely follow suit. While TikTok continues to explore in-stream commerce, particularly successful in its native China, Western audiences have been lukewarm to in-app shopping experiences, fueling this strategic shift towards long-form content.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of social media trends in 2024, the migration towards long-form video on platforms like TikTok foreshadows a seismic shift. As businesses plan their 2024 social media strategies, embracing and capitalising on this evolving trend could hold the key to unlocking new opportunities in the digital marketing sphere.


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